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Five things to avoid when hiring a logo designer

Five things to avoid when hiring a logo designer

In the market for a logo? Maybe you already have one for your business, but are you having a new one designed? There are a few things to avoid when creating your new logo, and below are some common mistakes that are often made:

1. Stock images. This is a big one. Don’t ever, ever, ever, use already existing designs in your new logo.

A logo should be 100% original, and no one should ever be able to find the same design online.

2. More is less. Don’t fill up our logo with too much color, too long of a name, or too many words.

Keep it simple, clean, and easy to read. Try to stay away from too fancy of a design as well. You want people to be able tell what the design is right away, without having to try to figure it out.

3. Colors. Most people are pretty sensitive to colors. Try to stay away from annoying color choices. It’s fine to have bright colors, just make sure that everything flows together and is not unpleasant to the eye.

4. Font choices. Make sure that your font is easy to read. Don’t use lots of cursive in the wording. At the same time make sure that the font is cohesive, you don’t want to use three different fonts in the logo. Find a good one and stick to it.

5. Copying. You want your logo to be unique. Don’t try to copy other logos, or go with a trend. A good logo is timeless, and by standing out helps potential clients to remember your logo, and therefore your company. Your new logo should be one-of-a-kind, and stand out.

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